Providing In-Person and Telehealth Feeding Therapy Services to Families in the State of Washington

We specialize in providing feeding therapy services using a family-centered care approach

Common Feeding Challenges We Treat

- Tube weaning support for children with feeding tubes (NG & G-tubes).- Children 6 months old and older moving from breast milk or formula to solid foods.- Children who only eat a certain number of foods or who have sensory sensitivities to certain foods.- Children who experience stress or anxiety around non-preferred foods or eating in social situations (e.g. at school, restaurants, birthday parties, etc.).- Children who have difficulty chewing, show signs of choking, gagging, or vomiting with foods or liquids.- When families are experiencing challenging or stressful mealtimes.- Children who have been diagnosed with Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) or Pediatric Feeding Disorder (PFD).- Common diagnoses that can impact feeding: ADHD, Anxiety, Autism (ASD), Struggle to Gain Weight, or Oral Aversion.

Is your child experiencing feeding challenges?
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Feeding Therapy is Our Passion!

Our Philosophy

- Feeding is one of the fundamental responsibilities of every parent and parents do everything they can to support their child to eat.- Feeding therapy is a team effort between parents, caregivers, the child, and the therapist.- Progress happens in the home, with families making big and small changes at a pace they feel comfortable with.- Even the smallest gains are worth celebrating!- Every child and family are welcome, regardless of race, religion, sex, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Benefits of Providing Feeding Therapy using Telehealth

- Telehealth allows families the ability to remain in the comfort of their own home while working with a feeding therapist.- Sometimes kids feel more relaxed around food at home, rather than in a clinic setting. It can also be helpful for the therapist to see a child eating at home, in their normal environment.- Stress around finding childcare for siblings, traffic, trying to get kids out the door and carving out extra time to drive to and from appointments is removed.- We can reach families who live in areas where feeding therapy services are not available.

Hi!I’m Tanis and I am passionate about helping families with children who experience challenges with feeding. It all started when I was volunteering at a children’s hospital and I observed a therapist working with an infant on bottle feeding. Right then, I knew I wanted to pursue a career that involved helping families navigate the complexities of feeding.I’ve had the pleasure of working at Seattle Children’s Hospital for the last 5 years, focused on providing feeding therapy services, including revamping the tube weaning program. Given the incredible advancements that have been made with telehealth, I realized I wanted to be able to promote access to feeding therapy in Seattle and reach families throughout the state of Washington.When I’m not working with families on feeding, I enjoy swimming, kayaking, and traveling abroad.

We would love to work on feeding with you and your family!



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We accept private pay in the form of credit or debit card as well as funds from HSA or FSA accounts.

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We would love to work on feeding with you and your family!

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Feeding Courses

Courses for
Families and Caregivers

How to Approach Kids in the Cafeteria

  • This course is for any and all caregivers who support kids during snack or lunch time at school or daycare.

  • Learn what you can do to support kids who accept a limited variety of foods.

  • We will also provide ways to support kids who are learning to use utensils and cups.

What to do When Transitioning to Solids gets Tricky

  • This course is for any parent who is concerned about their baby's ability to manage solids.

  • In this course we will talk about:

  • Common approaches regarding how to present solid foods to your baby.

  • Some reasons some babies need more support to transition to solids.

  • Ways you can encourage your baby to accept solid foods.

Courses for
Feeding Therapists

What to Include in your Feeding Evaluation and Why

  • This course is for feeding therapists interested in developing a holistic feeding evaluation.

  • You will learn the key things to identify during a feeding evaluation.

Developing Clinical Reasoning Skills for Feeding Therapists

  • This course is for feeding therapists interested in learning how to further develop their clinical reasoning skills.

  • Determine a hierarchy for your treatment plan.

  • Learn how to address some of the most common pediatric feeding challenges during treatment.

  • What do you do when families are finding it challenging to follow through with the treatment plan.

  • How to determine when to contact other providers.

Interested in a feeding course?Contact us to learn more.